Sunday, 16 September 2012

Check out my new blog

After much procrastinating, I've been convinced to start blogging! I'm going to be focusing on processes I've experienced with clients.  "Stories along the way"  Starting with the different likes & dislikes between couples.  Who knew that interior design is also about "marriage counselling".  According to Michael Payne  the best way couples can work together is to fully understand each others taste, and the Internet is a great tool they can use to do just that.  I have to agree with him that is a great place to start.  You can browse through thousands of pictures of bathroom & kitchen design, re-models, fabulous great rooms & master bedrooms all the while discovering your likes & dislikes! Designing the perfect space is a process, we don't always end up with what we started.  I love watching clients faces light up when we find the perfect design, colour combination or furnishings & window treatments they both can agree on!  As always "Transforming spaces beyond your dreams"   

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